Online Time Tracker

How To Use A Time Tracker

Time Trackers have been the recent time monitoring tools that make workers from various locations to work as if they are in the same office. The boss can be in a different place and workers can be spread in various locations of the world but they still report on real time and their work is monitored in real time. It is a software that is not known to many and if you would like to know what it is and how it works, you need to Click here. Some business people and company owners have even said it’s more effective than having a bookkeeper in place.

It Works Well With Online Workers

This technology has been known to work well with online workers because it can take screenshots of your computer screen while recording hours. It is able to make you see whether your employee is working or is just on Facebook or doing other things. The activities of a computer will be recorded like mouse clicks, cursor movements and it can take even facial shot to make you understand whether you employee is joking or seriously working. Click here to know how to use it appropriately and make sure you become one the beneficiaries.

Create a Business Website First

Time trackers are built in the form of website apps. It will even look more professional if you tell your clients to download your time tracker and be able to use it as they monitor their work progress. Once your website has been made, you will keep your job titles and list all employees on that job. It is for your own convenience and your employees will be able to know what kind of job post to pick before they start tracking time from your time tracker.

Hire Your People and Let Them Work

After your app is done, you can start hiring people. Once you are done hiring, tell every person to make register with your company and make them have required gadget to use. A smartphone with front camera or a computer with webcam can do well and you need to make sure that you have complete availability of internet during the time when using the time tracker. Your employees will then log in select their job tittle they have been hired for and the tracker will start tracking the hours for you and sending screenshots after a certain time interval.

The webcam or camera should be faced directly to where the work is taking place so that you are able to see whether your employee is working or not. You will have pictures of work done and you will be able to see progress and quality of work being done. This will make you know the kind of talent you have and you take necessary action to either retain or dismiss your employee. It is an easy to use app because every hour tracked is normally multiplied by your specified hourly rate.